Washboard Abs

Best Exercises for Flat Abs

One of the top goals that many gymgoers set for themselves is getting a set of washboard abs. Whether we want to admit it or not, almost all of us covet a firm, flat stomach and wish that we could portray this look.

Getting a set of washboard abs is one of the harder goals to achieve, however, as it does require getting to much lower body fat percentages than the other goals entail.

That said, with the right approach, it's definitely something you can do if you approach it from the right angle.

Let's go over what you need to know in order to get washboard abs quickly and effectively.

Move Away From Crunches

The very first thing we're going to tell you is exactly the opposite of what you think you should be doing—crunches.

When it comes right down to it, performing loads of crunches are about the worst way to get flat abs because they burn so few calories total. While they will hit the ab muscles, that much is true, so will a set of heavy squats, lunges, or the bench press. Your ab muscles are used indirectly in almost every other strength training exercise you complete, so there's really no need to do a high amount of direct ab work.

Your time would be better spent doing other activities that have a greater payoff. If you want to include a few ab exercises at the end of your program, so be it, but never make them the focus.

And when it comes to selecting those exercises, aim to choose ones that keep you off balance as best as possible and contracting using a sideways motion to call the obliques into play as well.

Know Your Cardio

Next, you must know your cardio training. If you want to burn fat quickly so that you can see the abs you already have (which are covered by body fat), the right cardio training can help.

Adding a few sessions of interval training to your cardio workouts a week can jumpstart your metabolism, helping you burn fat faster at all times.

The right cardio training program can help you go that extra mile and take your flat abs to being very defined. Just note that there is a thing as too much cardio, so while some is good, doing it daily is not better.

Perfect the Full Body Workout

What you absolutely must have in place is a full body workout session. This is going to help ensure that you do spark the metabolic rate the highest as full body workouts do burn plenty of calories, not only while you do them but for hours after as well.

A full body workout will also integrate the abs into all the exercises that you're doing, as we mentioned earlier, so this will also help to strengthen the core region.

Do a full body workout three days a week and you will have your bases covered as far as your workouts go.

Get Smart in the Kitchen

Finally, the absolute most important thing to getting washboard abs isn't going to take place in the gym at all—it takes place in the kitchen.

Getting flat abs is more about losing body fat than anything else, and that is going to be primarily a function of diet. If you can get your diet on track, fat loss will take place more quickly and easily, pushing your progress up a notch.

Don't think that you can out-exercise a bad diet—it won't happen. You must be eating right.

So there you have all the top tips that you need to know about getting washboard abs. Use these and you will be on your way to success.