Tight Bum Exercises

Best Moves for a Tighter Butt

As you go about your workout program, making sure that you perform a good mix of exercises to hit the entire body will be important for optimal strength developments. This said, everyone does tend to have their "trouble spots" that they really want to focus on in order to improve the way their body looks and the strength level they present.

For many, the butt is the particular region they're targeting as they want to look great in a pair of jeans or just build a stronger lower body overall.

If you want to build a great butt, there are a few exercises that you should keep in mind that will really help you go the distance.

Let's go over what these are so that you can start getting them into place with your own workout routine.


Lunges were discussed earlier when we talked about building a better lower body, but we're going to discuss them here again because they are that important for improving your butt region. Lunges are going to place a great deal of stress on the glutes, especially if you are stepping slightly farther away from the supporting leg as you go about the movement pattern.

To fully work the glutes while doing this movement, take a very brief pause at the lower part of the lunge before pressing up again.

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Split Squats

Next up, we have another lower body exercise that helps to put more focus on the glutes, the split squats. The split squats are great because they are going to help to transfer more stress on the back of the body versus the front, as long as you remember to lean back ever so slightly.

Additionally, since each leg will be worked individually, these really help to crank up the intensity on your overall butt-building workout session.

Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are an exercise that's great for isolating the butt muscles and should be done towards the end of your overall workout session.

When doing glute bridges, pause at the top of the bridge and make sure to contract the glute muscles extra hard. This will help to give them a bit more added tension throughout the exercise and ensure they are being worked to the max.

Ball Roll-Ins

Ball roll-ins are the next great glute building exercise that you'll want to be doing as you construct your butt-building workout session.

To do these, place the feet up on an exercise ball while lying flat down on the ground and then slowly roll the ball into the butt.

You'll feel your entire hamstring region contracting along with the butt, which will become very tight.

Perform this exercise in a smooth and controlled manner and you'll be seeing glute firming in no time.

Single Leg Squats

Finally, the last exercise to do to finish off your glute-building workout session is single leg squats. To do this one, you'll stand on one leg and squat as low to the ground as you can possible go.

Once you're at the bottom of the movement, pause for a brief second and then press back up again to complete the rep.

Keep in mind that this is a very challenging exercise so some people will only be able to complete one rep per try. Don't be discouraged. Keep at it until you can do a number of reps for each leg without rest.

So if you can get these glute-building exercises into your lower workout plan, you can feel confident you are on your way to butt-building success.