Get Strong Legs

Best Moves for Firmer Legs

As you go about your workout session, it's important that you're constantly setting some smart goals that will help you push yourself forward and see greater results from each and every session you do.

Smart goals give your training a purpose and will not only produce greater results, but also help to boost your motivation.

That said, if getting a stronger lower body is in your goal set, the following exercises are going to be must-haves. Get these into place and you should see your strength levels increasing dramatically in just a few short weeks.


The very first must-do exercise is the squat. Squats are often called the king of lower body movements and are going to work the quads, hamstrings, glutes, as well as the core muscles.

Basically, they'll hit the entire lower body and produce a great testosterone release while they're at it. For building muscle, they can't be beat.

Make sure that you go all the way down to the ground while doing them for optimal results.

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Next, don't overlook deadlifts. Deadlifts are going to place more focus on the back of the body while the squats tend to hit the quads to a larger extent. With the deadlifts, you'll work the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, so again, are a must-have exercise.

Deadlifts are very intense, so typically you'll do them in a different session as you do squats, or the volume will be kept lower for both exercises.


Lunges are the next great movement to make sure you're doing in your lower body workout sessions. The nice thing about lunges is that not only will they hit the lower body muscles very well but since you'll be slightly off-balance, you'll also call the core muscles into play to a large degree as well.

If you want six pack abs, lunges are a great movement to help get you there.

You can also include a number of lunge variations in your workout session as well, including walking lunges, stationary lunges, or if you're really adventurous, reverse lunges.

When doing lunges make sure that your knee moves directly over the toes to prevent knee pain from developing.

Split Squats

Split squats are another great movement to do that will hit the same muscles as the lunges will and are excellent for those who want to build a firmer and curvier backside. For women who want a nice butt, split squats should be a mainstay in your program plan.

When doing this exercise, the primary thing to remember is to lean back ever so slightly as you do the exercise as this will place more focus on the glute muscles, keeping the stress pattern where you want it.

Remember to perform an equal number of reps on each side as well, as this will ensure no muscular imbalances start to develop.


Finally, for those doing home workouts, step ups serve as a great exercise you can do with a pair of dumbbells right in your living room. Simply step up and down on a high bench, keeping the body in the upright position the entire time to prevent lower back pain from developing.

So there you have some of the top lower body strengthening exercises that you should make sure you are including in your workout plan.

Have a good look over your current routine. Are you missing out on any of these? If you are, it's time to get them into place so that you can see faster results.