Firm Upper Arms

Combat Upper Arm Flab With These Exercises

One of the biggest problem areas for many people, especially women, is the under arm flab region. Like it or not, many women do store fat in this area of the body, so when it comes to losing weight, it's the first region they want to target.

While reducing under arm flab is primarily going to take using a proper diet plan to burn fat, having the right exercises is going to help firm and tone the region so that as you lose the fat, your arms look great underneath.

A firm and defined body is a combination of sufficient levels of lean muscle mass along with low levels of body fat, so both need to be in place for you to see optimal results.

This said, by taking the time to learn the primary exercises that will help you lose upper arm fat, you can get yourself started on the right path.

Let's go over what you need to know.

Chair Dips

The first excellent move to consider for your triceps is the basic chair dip. With this exercise, you'll place the hands on the edge of a chair, stool, table, or bench and then slowly bend the elbows as you lower the body downwards.

This is a great move for isolating the triceps entirely and really bringing them to a point of full fatigue after each workout session that you do.

Tricep Extension

Next, you'll also want to consider tricep extensions. This exercise can be done either upright or bent over and both will work very effectively to firm and tone the muscle.

When you extend the elbow, make sure that you keep them pressed flat into the sides of the body if you are doing bent over extensions or directly above your head if doing overhead extensions. This will help ensure that you maintain good form and sufficient stress is placed on the tricep muscle.

Incline Chest Press

Next, we have incline chest press. Despite the fact that this exercise is a primary chest movement, you will still call your triceps into play to a considerable degree. Remember that in almost all chest exercises, the triceps will work as a helper muscle group, and because you are lifting more weight during these exercises, they can be very beneficial for helping you see fast results.

You can also try a close grip chest press as well, which places even more focus on the tricep muscles and will help you firm and tone your upper arms very quickly.

Remember that you will use a lighter amount of weight compared to a standard bench press when doing a close grip bench press, however, so be sure that you take that into account.

Shoulder Press

Another compound exercise that's great for hitting the tricep muscles is the shoulder press. The shoulder press is going to have you hoisting a barbell or a set of dumbbells directly over your head and is great for working the entire upper body.

While doing this one, make sure that you keep your bum flexed so the spine stays in a neutral position the entire time so that you can prevent lower back pain development.

So there you have the primary tricep building exercises that will help you firm those upper arms fast and reduce that under arm jiggle that so many people have come to hate.

Also keep in mind that you should always perform the tricep isolation moves such as extensions and dips after your compound bench presses and shoulder presses for best results.