Best Exercises

The Most Effective Strength Training Exercises

Understanding the connection between exercises and weight loss is important if you're going to structure your workout program properly so that you can burn up body fat at an optimal pace all while achieving the fitness results that you're looking for.

All exercises are definitely not created equally, so if you're not taking steps to ensure that you are putting the right exercises into place, it can definitely come back to impact your results over the long haul.

Fortunately, once you know the proper exercises to do to see optimal weight loss success, program design becomes much easier.

Let's take a quick look at the requirements of the best exercises for weight loss.

Best Exercises


The first requirement that an exercise must possess if it's going to be classified as one that's beneficial for fat loss and strength improvements is that it's multi-muscle. This means that it'll work more than one muscle group in the body at once, leading to greater metabolic conditioning, a higher calorie burn, and greater overall strength gains.

Exercises that prove to be multi-muscle in nature are also far more likely to mimic everyday activities; thus they are often considered to be "functional exercises." This means that by doing these exercises and gaining strength with them, you'll increase your strength in all other aspects of your fitness as well.

Heavy Load

Next, the second requirement for an exercise to be considered effective is that it has you lifting a heavy load. The more weight you can lift, the greater your fitness and strength gains will be, so you want to choose exercises where you can really push yourself here.

You never want to lift so much weight that you move out of good form, but at the same rate, you must be lifting enough weight that you are fully challenging yourself.

Increased Heart Rate

Finally, the last requirement for an exercise to be considered effective is that it produces an increased heart rate as well. If you're increasing your heart rate as you go about your weight lifting workout session, this also means you'll be seeing great cardiovascular benefits as well—further enhancing all the advantages of that workout session in general.

In fact, if you can increase your heart rate sufficiently enough, you can actually reap cardio benefits from your strength training workout so much so that you no longer have to do regular cardio training.

If you're using multiple muscle groups at once, this will naturally cause your heart rate to increase because the intensity of the exercise will be that much higher.

So as you can see, there are a number of key requirements that should be in place if you are going to experience optimal results from your strength training exercises.

The top strength training exercises to consider including in your workout protocol are:

  • The chest press.
  • The incline chest press.
  • The bent over row.
  • The shoulder press.
  • The pull-up/lat-pull down.
  • The squat.
  • The deadlift.
  • The step up.
  • The leg press.
  • The lunge.
  • The split squat.
  • The plank .

All of these are going to be great multi-muscle exercises and will deliver you the results you're looking for. Keep in mind that you obviously don't need to perform each and every one of them during each workout session you do, but you should perform one exercise for each muscle group at minimum.