Weight Plates

The Basics of Weight Plates

Weight plates are an important piece of equipment for strength training. The purpose behind a weight plate is to add resistance to the different weights that you are using, such as dumbbells or weight loading exercise equipment. After you have been weight training for a while, you'll be able to determine which type of weight plate is best for your needs. You can even try out the different plates in order to see which fits your comfort level, or make changes as you progress through your training, becoming stronger and more accustomed to the practice of lifting.

Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

Weight plates come in two different shapes, which are circular and octagonal. The center on the weight plate has a hole cut through it, which allows it to be added to weight bars and machines. These plates are most commonly made from steel material, but you can also find them made from other materials, such as iron or plastic that is filled with dried cement to add weight.

The material that you choose for your weight plate can play a big role in the cost and the amount of time the weight plate will last. For example, the plastic weight plates that are filled with cement can crack if you drop them, while the steel plates can be dropped without any damage occurring. Most of the time, these weight plates will have a thin rubber coating on them, which helps keep items they may come in contact with protected.

Types of Weight Plates

There are three different types of weight plates, and the type you use depends on your needs and the amount of money you're looking to spend. Economical weight plates are generally for home use, but they are not made as strongly as the Olympic style weight plates. When you are using this type of weight plate, you can ensure you have the proper weight on both sides by using a scale to check the weight once in a while. If the weight has broken down enough that it weighs much less than the other plates, you should purchase a new one, as the uneven weight can cause pressure on different areas of your body and has the possibility of causing an injury.

Olympic style weight plates are made from the best materials, and they are known to last a very long time. Even with a lot of wear and tear, these plates will not lose their weight, so you don't have to worry about them becoming uneven over time. This type of weight plate is the better choice for those who do weight training on a regular basis. Although they may cost a little bit more, it is far cheaper to buy these and know they are going to last, rather than buy the economical style and have to replace them after some time with regular use.

There are also weight plates that are called technique style plates. These plates are durable, but they are generally made from lightweight material and are commonly found in the beginner level area of the gym. Some people who practice power lifting also use these plates because it allows them to move the weights at a much faster rate, which is the idea behind the power lifting method.

Power Plates

Power plates are vibration devices that increase overall workout effectiveness. The power plate sends waves of energy through your body as you hold the handle. The device contracts muscles an extra 30 to 40 times per second, making the workout better. A power plate can cause considerable muscle fatigue at first. After you build up some strength, this exercise increases stamina and tones muscles.

Benefits of Weight Plate Training

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Increases weight loss.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Increases lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Increases hormone secretion: IGF-1, testosterone, and human growth hormone.