Free Weight Machines

The Pros and Cons of Free Weight Machines

When people are deciding on the best strength building method for their needs, they're often torn between choosing regular weight machines and free weight machines. While these two types of machines do generally provide the same results, the method of action and the level at which the results are achieved varies greatly between the two. There are some advantages and disadvantages to using free weight machines, and by learning about both of these different aspects, you can determine which one is best suited for your needs.

Benefits of Free Weight Use

There has been research done on free weight machines compared to other weight lifting machines, and this has shown that those who use free weight machines are able to build muscle at a much faster rate than those who opt for the regular weight machines. If you're someone who is looking to see fast results from your strength building routine, then choosing free weight machines can provide this for you.

When you use free weight machines, you're able to improve your balance and coordination, which will help you with other types of strength building exercises. The longer you practice with the different weights, such as barbells, the better your balance will get and the more strength you will build throughout various areas of your body.

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With free weight machines, you're able to burn calories much faster than you would with regular weight machines. Due to the ability to burn calories faster and build muscle at a quicker rate, these are a good choice for those looking to save time on their strength building routine. Due to the fact that you need to balance the weights yourself, you're also able to work more muscle groups than you are with other weight machines, which will ensure that all areas of your body get toned and strengthened through your strength building routine.

Compared to other workout machines, you're able to work out more comfortably when you use free weight machines. This is because regular exercise machines are set in place, so if the bar is higher than you'd like or doesn't seem to fit with your body, there is nothing you can do about it. With free weight machines, you have the ability to move the weights around until they are in a position that allows you to work out comfortably, without causing any excess strain on your body.

Disadvantages of Free Weight Machines

While there are many advantages to free weight machines, there are also some disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration. When you are starting off with this type of strength building exercise, you need to be sure to find the correct weight for your strength, or you can cause damage to your muscles, or even encounter more serious injuries. You'll have to take the time to become familiar with the proper way to hold the weights before you can begin the routine. Also, you have to learn how to pace yourself. When you are using free weights, it can be easy to add more weight than you can handle, or to perform the sets at a faster rate than necessary. These actions will not only damage your muscles, but they will also prove to be much less effective.

Another disadvantage that some people consider is the fact that you need to add weights and take them off as you complete different routines or begin to advance. However, when you compare this aspect to the fact that you are building muscles at a faster rate, it isn't much of an inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

Free weight machines offer many health benefits and enhance your workout experience. Whether you use a machine or free weights, the bottom line is intensity, consistency, and variation of your workouts. Mix it up, challenge yourself, and have fun!