Choosing and Using Dumbbells

When you are looking to build strength through weight training, or achieve total body fitness, dumbbells are a great tool that can be used to provide you with an effective strength training routine. Not many people realize how effective these small weights can be when it comes to building strength and muscle throughout your body, but like with every other exercise routine, the use of these weights in your body building workout needs to be taken slowly. Learning how to properly use dumbbells is essential before you begin using them as part of your routine, as you can cause a lot of damage to your muscles when they're not used in the correct manner. However, once you have learned how to properly use the dumbbells and begin your strength training routine, you'll start to see the results that you desire.

Choosing the Right Dumbbells

The first step involved in getting the right dumbbells for your exercise routine is selecting ones that are at the right weight for your needs. One example is selecting the right weight if you are looking to achieve a sleek and toned look. In order for you to achieve this, you need to choose a set of dumbbells that are going to allow you to do at least 12–20 repetitions without overworking yourself. While you need to feel the burn during this routine, if you put too much weight on your arms while doing the repetitions, you're going to strain your muscles and cause more harm than good.


When you are going to be using your dumbbells for strength training and muscle building, you need to choose a weight that is going to allow you to do no more than eight repetitions without becoming worn out. If you're able to do more than eight then the dumbbell isn't going to help you build strength or muscle, so you'll need to continue going up in weight until you find the one that allows you to do at least eight, but no more than that. As the muscle builds, you'll most likely be able to go up in weight rather quickly, but you want to be careful not to move too quickly by advancing before your muscles are ready.

The Right Technique: Slow and Steady

When you are using dumbbells as part of your routine, you want to do slow motions with your arms. Many people think that the faster you do the repetitions, the more effective they will be, but it's actually the exact opposite of that. When you do the lifting at a fast rate, you're not giving certain areas of your muscles the time to build up strength, and you also run the risk of causing damage to your muscles by putting too much strain on them.

No matter how long you've been doing the practice, "slow and steady" is always the best practice for this type of strength training. Once you have gotten to the point that you can easily move the weights with little effort, and at a fast rate, then it is time to move up a weight and start building even more strength.

Using the proper technique is also important when you are using dumbbells. If you are unsure of how to use these correctly, you'll want to find different videos on the strength training exercises with dumbbells, so you can learn the technique that is used. After you become familiar with the technique, you may want to start doing your exercise in the mirror, as this allows you to see the movements you are making and ensures that you are making the proper movements during your strength building routine.