Getting Started with Barbells

When many people think about barbells, they think of a piece of exercising equipment that is used to build muscles in the arms and back. Rather, this useful tool can help build strength throughout the entire body, and it is one of the least expensive pieces of exercise equipment. All you'll need to get for a complete barbell exercise is the barbell itself, weights, and an exercise bench. Many people love using this device for their strength training because the bench is much smaller than other pieces of exercise equipment, so you can use it at home or in other areas where there isn't much space for exercising.

Starting out With Barbells

When you are first starting out with the barbell, you want to be sure to use the correct weight in order to prevent damage from occurring. When you use a barbell that has too much weight on it, you not only run the risk of having the device fall down on you but you can really hurt the muscles in your body. When you are using other types of equipment, these pieces are stabilized, so you're not forced to balance your body or the weight of the lifting equipment. The barbell requires you to stabilize the weight, so if it is too heavy, you'll end up turning more to one side and pulling a muscle, which can be painful and take some time to heal.


In order to find the best weight to begin, you should start with the lowest amount possible, and then work your way up, which will allow you to test out various weights without running the risk of straining a muscle. The amount of weight that you should be able to handle depends on the type of barbell exercise you'll be completing. For example, if you'll be during curls with the barbell, you'll want to use a lighter weight than you would with the regular repetitions. With regular repetitions, the weight should allow you to do between 15 and 20 reps in the beginning stages without it wearing you out beforehand. As you begin to build up strength, you'll be able to add additional weights to your barbell, which will help keep your progress on track.

Once you have found the right weight amount for your barbell exercises, you'll want to learn the proper way of completing each exercise before you start the new routine. There are videos available that can show you how to properly hold the barbell and which exercises work different areas of the body. When you are first starting out, you'll want to begin with one type of routine and stick with that until it has become like second nature to you. After you become familiar with the routine, you can add other barbell strength building routines, until you have mastered them all and can use this type of method to your full advantage.

Final Thoughts

Using barbells is a great way to build muscles in your arms, legs, stomach, back, and other body areas. Like other forms of exercise, this also does help you to shed weight. Instead of simply losing the fat, you'll turn the fat into muscle. Whenever you are starting your routine, you want to be sure to stretch out all of your muscles in your body, which will help prepare them for the barbell exercise and prevent any type of strain from occurring due to stiff muscles. With regular use of barbells, you'll start to see results in no time, and your strength will continue to grow as you progress through levels of this routine.