Workout Nutrition: Before and After

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

As you go about constructing a healthy diet and workout program, you need to put the two together and take a good look at how you're eating right before the session as well as after. Using the proper pre and post workout nutrition protocol is going to influence the nature of the results that you see along with how you perform and recover between each workout that you do.

Choosing proper weight loss food that both serves to enhance workout success while also kick-starting fat loss is a must.

Let's go over what you need to know so that you can do this properly.

Pre Workout Nutrition

First let's address pre workout nutrition. What you eat before you head to the gym to do your workout session is going to have a large influence on the workout performance you give, so your main priorities here are providing your body with a usable source of energy for the workout ahead.

This means that you'll want to choose foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates along with lean dietary protein. Both of these working together is what will deliver you the energy you need for that exercise as well as the amino acids you require for a rapid recovery.

You want to leave dietary fiber as well as dietary fat out of the picture as much as possible at this time as these will only slow the digestion process down, reducing the chances the nutrition gets to your muscle cells rapidly.

Your pre workout meal should also be relatively light as you don't want the meal weighing you down as you go through the workout, so aim for around 200–300 calories.

Serve this meal up about 30–60 minutes before the session and you'll be set for success.

Post Workout Nutrition

Next, you also need to consider post workout nutrition. This is the food that you're going to eat after the workout session is over and that will replenish lost muscle glycogen levels used during the activity.

Since your goal here is to also see rapid nutrient delivery to the muscle tissues, you should again keep fat as well as dietary fiber out of the picture in this meal protocol.

Ideally you'll want to consume some fast acting carbohydrates along with more protein, this time of the fast acting nature as well. While at most times during the day you want to choose slow releasing foods from your diet, as they will best keep your blood sugar levels stable, this is the one point where you want to have fast releasing foods.

Simple carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice, sugary cereals, and so on, can actually work well at this time. Pair these together with a whey isolate protein powder, which is going to be faster digesting than a solid source of protein, and you'll be set.

The calorie content of this meal is going to largely depend on how hard and long that workout is, but a good estimate for what you should consume is around 200–400 calories. Whatever you do, don't cut back on calories at this point for fat loss purposes. You're far better off eating more calories in this meal and cutting back later on in the day than the other way around.

So there you have the pre and post workout nutrition protocols to know and remember. Make sure that you follow these as you plan out the weight loss foods you'll eat so that you can see optimal success with your diet plan.