Tasty Low Fat Techniques

Cooking Techniques to Slash Fat but Add Taste

As you go about your diet protocol, one thing to keep in mind at all times is that the more creative you can get in the kitchen, making sure to find ways to add more flavor and taste to your foods without increasing the total calorie content the better your chances of success will be.

Those who are eating the same bland meals over and over again are going to be fast to hit a progress plateau because they'll simply grow bored of their diet and fall off the bandwagon.

Many people are under the impression that low fat foods have to taste like cardboard, but the truth is, if you use special cooking techniques, this isn't the case at all.

Let's look at the top tasty low fat techniques that you must know and use yourself as you go about your diet plan.


The first cooking technique to use as often as possible is grilling. Grilling works great for both meat as well as vegetables and is a great way to reduce the fat content from meats as the fat will drip right off through the grill.

Grilling also requires very little sauces or condiments to bring out the natural taste of the foods you're preparing, so not much in the way of added fats have to be included.

To enhance the flavor of vegetables, try brushing them with a little red wine vinegar, Italian salad dressing, or even just a brushing of orange or lemon juice to add some zing.

You can also easily sprinkle them with some fresh herbs and place them in tin foil, grilling them in that manner as well.

Grilling is great for fast meals on the go and provides a number of different options. For something really special, consider trying grilled fruit as well.


Next, sautéing is another smart choice for low fat cooking that will allow you to retain the moisture of your foods and create quick and delicious meals.

With sautéing, rather than using the butter that most recipes call for, try replacing it with some chicken broth instead. This will help keep the calorie and fat content down, but still keep your foods tasting delicious.

Use chicken, beef, or vegetable based broth and you'll also get a slight flavor enhancement as well.

Sautéing can work great for both vegetables as well as protein sources again, so offers a number of varieties to consider.


Finally, the last lower fat cooking technique to consider is baking. While baking can be high in calories depending on how you prepare the dish, you can also use lower fat, lower calorie options as well.

For instance, baking in some broth along with fresh herbs and spices will really bring out the natural flavors of the foods and requires no added fats at all.

Baking is also a very easy meal-time solution since you just prepare the food and put it in the oven until done. The one thing to note is that you do want to add some sort of moisture to your dish when baking, otherwise it will come out very dry and bland.

Even a light brushing of olive oil, which is a healthy form of fat, can work well here, helping to create delicious meals that can still easily be a part of your overall diet plan.

So there you have the top cooking techniques that will help you eat right and lose the weight you want. If you start getting into the habit of smart cooking, you'll find that dieting isn't nearly as challenging as you once thought.