Importance of Hydration

What to Know About Hydration

Whether your goal is to lose fat or build muscle, one thing that you need to be factoring in is that of hydration. Far too many people put all the focus on their calorie and macronutrient intake, while completely overlooking how hydration is going to influence their success.

If you want to see the most optimal results on your diet plan, however, hydration must be accounted for.

Let's go over why it is so important so that you can start giving it the attention that it deserves.

Energy Levels

The very first reason why hydration is a must is because it's going to help to promote optimal energy levels. Those who aren't taking in enough water per day and suffer even slight amounts of dehydration will find that they just aren't as energetic as they should be and often feel run-down and fatigued.

If you're tired, before you go in for a snack, go in for some water instead. See how that may impact you. You might just be surprised this is exactly what your body needed.

Metabolic Benefits

Even slight amounts of dehydration can cause your metabolic rate to slow down, so for those who are aiming to sustain an ideal body composition, this is going to be very unfavorable. Staying well hydrated will ensure that you are burning up calories rapidly throughout the day, helping weight control be that much easier.

Cleansing Effects

Next, water is going to provide great cleansing effects as well. By drinking enough water, you'll help your body wash out all the toxic build-up that's occurring that can cause you to feel unwell over time.

Those who are dehydrated will be placing more strain on their kidneys as well to get their job done, so this can, in time, be very damaging for your organs as well.

Sufficient water intake will help to detoxify your system, assuming toxic load doesn't develop.

Blood Sugar Stabilization

Another factor to take into account is hydration and blood glucose. Those who are dehydrated are more likely to see spikes and crashes in blood sugar as well, and this can have a very strong influence on their day-to-day well-being.

If you're eating carbohydrates and finding they are causing your energy to fluctuate widely, try drinking more water when you consume them.

A higher carbohydrate intake does require a higher water intake as well, as the body will store water as it starts storing carbs in the muscle cells as glycogen.

This is one reason why when you go on a low carb diet, you lose weight almost instantly— your body starts excreting that extra water it was holding with those carbs.

Proper Performance

Finally, the last reason why proper hydration is so important is because it's also going to assist with boosting your performance levels as well. Those who are in even a slight state of dehydration will see their performance start to plummet, so this can get very discouraging very quickly.

Add more water and you'll perform better and recover faster as well.

So there you have the primary reasons why staying hydrated is so critically important. Remember to stay hydrated with calorie-free and caffeine-free beverages as often as possible, including herbal teas, water, and seltzer water if you prefer.

You can drink milk from time to time, but that should be the only calorie containing beverage that you consume.

If you make sure that you are staying on top of hydration and never let yourself get to the point of being very dehydrated, you can ensure that you feel and function your absolute best throughout the day.