Filling Snacks

Quick Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

If there's one thing that most people struggle with on a regular basis with their diet plan, hunger would be it. Sadly, hunger also has the power to completely take you off your diet entirely and consume far more calories than you should for ideal fat loss results.

That said, if you do spend some time learning what the best healthy snacks are to keep you satisfied and filled up, it definitely doesn't have to be this way. Instead, you can sustain good control over your appetite so you maintain the reduced calorie diet that's needed for best results.

Let's walk you through some of the top healthy snacks that you should consider adding to your program plan.

Tuna With a Whole Wheat Pita

The first good snack to consider is some tuna mixed with salsa or low fat mayonnaise stuffed into a whole wheat pita. Lean proteins are the best snacks to consume since they will fill you up almost immediately and keep blood sugar levels stable.

Tuna is especially high in volume and low in calories; therefore, you can eat more food overall without exceeding your calorie intake.

This makes it top-notch on the scale of how well foods fill you up. The pita also allows you to stuff as many vegetables as possible into it, which are also going to make it that much more filling overall.

Cottage Cheese With Blackberries

The next choice that's a great healthy choice for teenagers when they get home from school is a simple bowl of cottage cheese along with some blueberries. Cottage cheese contains a slower digesting protein, which will keep control over hunger for a lengthy period of time.

The blackberries are a fiber-loaded fruit as well, so this two-punch combination can't be beat as far as appetite control goes.

Blackberries are also very rich in antioxidants as well, which will help to fend off free radical damage and keep you disease free.

Oatmeal With a Sliced Apple

Moving along, another satisfying snack that will be great for those hoping to lose weight is oatmeal along with a sliced apple. Apples are high in pectin, which is a form of fiber that's great for controlling the appetite and keeping you satisfied between meals.

Oatmeal is also a slow digesting carbohydrate source that will fill you up quickly and provide a slow release of energy over time. This snack comes in at roughly 200 calories and will keep your hunger low for at least a few hours, especially if you add some lean protein and healthy fats to the snack by mixing in some almonds or walnuts.

Vegetable Soup

Finally, the last of the healthy snack choices to consider including in your diet that will boost your nutritional intake while keeping you maintaining your diet plan is vegetable soup. Soup itself is very filling since the liquid will calm hunger pains, and then with the addition of low-calorie, high fiber vegetables, you take the satiety factor one step further.

Vegetable soup can also work great as a starter to any main meal and help you avoid overeating during that meal itself.

So there you have some of the top foods to consider adding to your diet plan if you want to succeed with weight control and feel well as you do it. Remember to always think high-volume, low calorie foods when coming up with filling snacks to keep your diet in check.