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* In order to lose a pound, you must burn 3,500 calories.

There is nothing worse than taking part in an exercise routine and not knowing how many calories you burned or if you met your goal for the day. It can be difficult to determine just how many calories you burn while you are working out. Even if one exercise routine claims to burn a specific amount of calories, each person is different and needs to be considered on an individual basis. Calories burned calculators are devices that provide you with the exact number of calories burned during an activity or workout. These devices motivate you to complete those activities again and increase the amount of calories that you burn.

Calories and Weight Loss

Knowing the number of calories you burn along with eating a well-balanced, sensible diet will help you lose weight. A calorie is a measure of energy, like a pound is a measure of weight. The amount of energy you burn during exercise is measured by the calories burn rate. To burn calories, you simply need to exist. Your body is constantly using calories for energy to keep your body working. To burn more calories, you must do more exercise. It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body weight.

Calories Burned Calculator

Because 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat, you will need to cut 500 calories from your diet each day to lose one pound per week. If you don't want to diet, just burn 500 calories each day through exercise. Also, changes occur in the body over time, so you may need to adjust your calories burned or calories eaten to continue weight loss.

Daily Calorie Intake

There are a certain amount of calories that a person should consume each day. Some people think that this amount is universal, but actually, a large part of how many calories you should consume is based on your gender and your height. Some people may need more calories than others, so it's important that you determine how many calories you need to take in each day so to stick within that range. You can actually use a calorie calculator to keep track of how many calories you consume throughout the day. These calculators can even give you the amount of calories that are present in different types of food, based on the size of the serving.

When most people start trying to burn away their extra calories, they generally try to start off at 30 percent of their daily intake. While this may not seem like much, you need to be patient and start off slow in order to get positive results. As you complete this routine, you can enter the information into the calculator, and it will tell you how many calories were burned during that session. The calculator also takes different factors into consideration, such as the speed at which you completed the exercise and other important details.

Using the Calories Burned Calculator

As you begin to get used to working out, you'll notice that you burn more and more calories as you complete your fitness routine. Some people use these calculators not only during their workouts but throughout their entire day to see how many calories they burned. Something as simple as walking around the block to go to the store, or vacuuming your house for 15 minutes, can be entered into the calculator and added to the amount of calories that you burned that day.

By using a calories burned calculator along with a calorie intake calculator, you'll be able to cross reference the two and see if the calorie amount you are taking in matches up with the amount you are burning off each day. It may take some practice, but these devices help motivate your weight loss efforts, and you'll see results occur with your level of fitness and your overall health and well-being.