Wobble Boards

Using Wobble Boards for Better Balance

When many people think about exercise and strength training, the last thing that often comes to mind are wobble boards. Actually, not many people are too familiar with this great fitness tool and the benefits that it provides when used on a regular basis. A wobble board is basically a board that is circular in shape and has a center piece located underneath. This requires you to balance the board when you are standing on it. The board is not as easy to use as it may sound, and it takes a lot of practice to use. However, with practice, you could enjoy many benefits from this unique device. Regardless of your ability or age, daily use of a wobble board will improve your fitness level, health, and overall well-being. You will experience:

  • Better coordination.
  • Heightened sense of body awareness.
  • Increased core strength and stability.
  • Improved balance.

One of the most positive things about the wobble board is that anyone can use this device to improve physical fitness. This board is often used by physical therapists when they are working with a patient who has an injury related to the muscles or skeletal system. The wobble board is also used by the older generation because it allows them to get the exercise they need without putting strain on the heart. Even if you haven't built up prior strength through training, you can begin using the wobble board and start improving your fitness and well-being.

Better Balance, Improved Sports Performance, and Faster Rehabilitation

There are some main benefits that you will gain from using the wobble board as part of your daily routine. The first thing that you will notice is an improvement in your balance and coordination. When you first use the board, your balance may be difficult to maintain, but with practice you'll see these two areas improve greatly. Good balance and coordination is not only important for healthy living but it's vital for many exercise routines, including cardio and weight lifting. When you are using the wobble board, you're not only balancing your body, but you're also working different muscles that maintain balance.

Another benefit of using this board is the ability to improve your core strength. There are three areas in your body that are considered your core, and when these areas are weak, it can be difficult to do certain activities. By strengthening the muscles around your spine, your back muscles, and your deep abdomen muscles, you are going to see a great improvement in the amount of strength that you have in your core areas.

Physical Exercise Experts Recommend Wobble Boards

Physical therapists and personal trainers everywhere recommend wobble boards to improve balance and coordination, enhance agility and mobility, and increase wellness and overall health. These balance boards increase your sense of proprioception, which is strongly connected to coordination and balance. These boards are often used in rehabilitation of ankle injuries, like sprains and strains, as well as lower leg and knee injuries. Many athletes use wobble boards to improve throwing ability because they also help build muscle in the upper limb areas, especially the shoulder.

When first using the wobble board, you want to start off slow and work your way up, just like you would with any type of fitness method. These boards come in different sizes, so using a larger wobble board in the beginning is wise because it allows you to maintain balance much easier than the smaller boards. As you begin to perfect your balance on the board, you'll be able to move down to smaller sizes and get even greater benefits from the practice. Generally, when you purchase these boards, they come in sets. This allows you to start off and work your way up. Many also come with an instructional video, which will show you the proper way to use your wobble board.