Medicine Balls

Exercising with Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is sometimes referred to as an exercise or fitness ball, and it offers countless benefits to those who choose this unique fitness tool. The structure of a medicine ball is unique when compared to other fitness tools or equipment, as it is simply a round rubber ball that varies in weight in order to meet your needs. This type of tool is often used for strength building, but it can be used by people of all ages and sizes. By learning more about the benefits that the medicine ball provides, you can determine if this would be an appropriate addition to your fitness equipment.

Training With the Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are used for both athletic and power training. With this great fitness tool, you can perform explosive movements because you can throw the ball, unlike free weights. Also, you can do many types of exercises with the medicine ball, such as tossing during workouts to a partner or throwing it against the wall. Types of exercises you can do with the medicine ball include single-arm rotation chest passes, soccer throws, and partner thruster tosses.

When you are starting to use a medicine ball as part of your fitness program, it's important that your first develop base muscle in your upper body. This can be done by performing exercises that work the muscles in your arms, back, and abdomen, or by taking part in weight lifting for a short period of time until you feel you have developed some strength in the core areas of your body. By having this muscle developed when starting a medicine ball routine, you will prevent injury and make the routine easier.

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You need to first become familiar with the movements that are used during a medicine ball routine. There are certain poses and techniques that are used to provide you with optimal results and prevent injury to your muscles. Depending on the exercise, you need to perform a certain amount of repetitions in order to gain strength. Rather than increasing the amount of repetitions that you do, you will simply increase the weight as you build strength, which will add to the difficulty of the repetitions again.

Benefits of the Medicine Ball

When you use a medicine ball on a regular basis, it will improve areas of weakness within your muscular system. The way that you work with the medicine balls is similar to the way that you would lift weights. You need to find the ball that matches the correct amount of weight that you are able to handle in the beginning, and then increase that amount as your strength goes up with practice. The lowest weight for these balls is one pound, but they can go all the way up to 10 pounds in weight. It is recommended that you start at the lowest weight, regardless of previous exercise experience, due to the fact that this routine will target areas that you don't usually exercise.

Medicine ball training is often used along with weight training to add additional strength building to your routine. Regardless of the type of workout that you do, should it be cardio or aerobic exercise, most people know that strength is an important part of having an effective exercise routine. As you continue your exercises to lose weight or build muscle, your body is going to become accustomed to these movements. In order for it to continue progressing and providing you with further results, the body needs additional stimulation. Using a medicine ball is a great way to build strength and provide your body with the stimulation it needs to reach higher levels of success with your workout routine.

Another benefit of the medicine ball is that it works a variety of muscle groups. The medicine ball uses more muscles than dumbbells, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. These exercise are helpful for the upper body, lower body, and core, as well as toning the biceps, triceps, and lower leg muscles.