Fitness Apparel

Choosing the Right Apparel

When you are working out, you need to have the proper apparel for your workout routine. Having the right fitness apparel is not only more comfortable but it can also provide you with additional benefits. There are many types of clothing that are considered to be fitness apparel, and by learning more about the different pieces that are available and the benefits that they provide for you, you can choose the best clothing for your exercise routines.

Why the Right Fitness Apparel Is Important

The clothing you wear when you are working out plays just as important of a role as the workout that you complete. When you go to the gym, or complete your exercise routine at home, without the right fitness gear, it's going to take away from the productivity of your workout. Wearing the wrong clothes for working out will not allow your body to eliminate the heat that builds up during a workout, and this can make you tire much faster than with the appropriate apparel. Other than allowing you to stay cool during your workouts, the proper fitness apparel makes it possible for you to move in many different directions, as this type of clothing is stretchy, loose, thin, and versatile.

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Wearing the right fitness apparel is also a great way to boost your confidence and get you into workout mode. Some studies regarding those who exercise found that women who feel self-conscious in the clothing they are wearing are less likely to perform their exercises to the best of their ability. Comfort is key for confidence and a good workout, so the more comfortable you feel, the more excited you are going to be about your workout and the longer you are going to take part in the activity.

There are also some additional pieces of fitness gear that you can choose to use in order to add comfort to your exercise routine. Many people like to use sweat bands when they are doing a high impact workout because this allows them to get their exercise done without worrying about sweat dripping down the face.

Choose the Right Shoes!

Another important part of your fitness apparel is the shoes you choose to wear for your exercise routine. When you wear shoes that don't provide you with the highest level of comfort and resistance, this affects the quality and intensity of your workout routine. You want to choose the right shoes based on the type of workout you'll be doing.

For high impact workouts, such as cardio, you want to choose shoes that would be used for running, as this type of platform keeps the pressure of the exercise off of your feet and allows you to have the most comfortable experience during your workout routine. You also want to ensure that the shoes you choose not only offer comfort but have a good gripping action, which allows you to perform better and prevents falls.

Choose the Right Workout Clothes

When picking out fitness apparel, be sure you chose the right workout clothes. Consider these five points:

  1. Comfort – Avoid rough fabrics that irritate the skin during movement. Choose materials that do not constrict and bend with your movements. Also, be sure to pay close attention to fit rather than size because fitness apparel doesn't always follow regular sizes.
  2. Layer Ability – During the hot and cold months, you need to consider layering your workout clothes. Start with a moisture-wicking dry layer, such as a tank top or T-shirt, and then, add a warmer layer, like a pullover fleece or sweatshirt. Finish that off with a waterproof outer layer, such as a windbreaker.
  3. Wicking Ability – If you perspire a lot, consider making your base layer one that will keep you dry. Look for items that are of a Lycra/poly blend or made from another type of synthetic material. These materials dry quickly and keep the sweat off your body.
  4. Activity Appropriateness – While some fitness apparel may look good on you, you should always consider the activity. Make sure the clothes you wear are appropriate for the type of exercise. Flowing tops and baggy pants won't work for spinning or cycling, and you need to choose a material that will bend when doing Yoga or Pilates.
  5. Special Considerations – Many new fitness apparel pieces feature antimicrobial treatments that combat odor, and others have built-in ultraviolet protection to ward off the sun's powerful UV rays. If you run outdoors, consider glow-in-the-dark apparel that will make you visible when you exercise at night. Additionally, for those who love to hike, look for fitness clothes that contain permethrin, which is a synthetic version of a natural insect repellent.