Body Fat Testing Devices

Measuring Workouts Using Body Fat Testing Devices

When you are working toward a fitness goal, a body fat testing device is a unique tool that can benefit you in a few different ways. While trying to lose weight, the one thing that can help keep you motivated is seeing the progress that you have before and after a workout, or after you complete each week of your workout routine. When you see that you are making progress toward your goal, it's going to give you the boost you need to keep going forward with your fitness goals, and possibly add some new exercises to your routine.

How Body Fat Testing Devices Work

Body fat testing devices work to tell you how much body fat you have, which is different than the standard scale that tells you how much you weigh. By using body fat testing devices in combination with a scale, you can see your progress on each level and see if improvements need to be made. By learning about the different body fat testing devices that are available, you can choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

The body fat testing device measures the electrical conductivity of your body. As you hold the device, an electrical current passes through your body. Body fat has very little water, but muscle tissue contains a high percent of H2O. Because the water conducts electricity, the current passes easily through these tissues, and the device determines the body fat percentage. With programmed equations about hydration and body water content, the device displays a percentage on the monitor.

Types of Body Fat Testing Devices

The handheld BIA device is a common body fat testing device found in many gyms. It allows you to get a reading of your body fat by simply holding onto the handles for a certain period of time. While these devices are pretty accurate, they can sometimes be a bit off if you are dealing with dehydration issues, which do occur sometimes after a workout.

Another type of body fat testing device is considered to be a "pinch tester," and this testing device works by pinching different areas of the skin on your body to give you a reading on the amount of body fat that is present. The pinch tester can be used on your own, but it is often used by personal trainers when they are trying to monitor the progress of your training routine. When used by a personal trainer, the pinch tester gives good insight as to the changes that need to be made to your workout routine. For example, if your BMI isn't going down as much as it should, the trainer will up the routine in order to start improving your results.

A body pod is a somewhat complex device that is used to measure your body fat. This type of device is generally used by professionals, as it can be on the expensive side. However, some fitness centers may have a body pod available for you to use. These work by having you put on skin tight clothing, putting your hair inside of a cap, and sitting inside of the pod for a short period of time. While taking a few deep breaths inside of the body pod, you're able to get an accurate reading. Some people who have issues with small spaces may want to deter from the use of a body pod, as it is quite confined. Regardless, this body fat testing device provides one of the best readings.

These are just a few of the different devices that are available to help you keep track of your body fat, and monitor your progress. If you have a personal trainer, you can discuss the best method for measuring your body weight with them, or you can do further research in order to ensure you choose the best BMI reader for your needs.