Cardio Machine Shopping

What to Look for When Buying a Cardio Machine

If you're on the hunt to find a cardio machine to purchase, there are a number of important factors that you'll want to make sure that you are taking into account so that you can make a wise decision.

Choosing a cardio machine can feel slightly overwhelming at times, especially if you don't know what you're looking for, so let's go over the key points that you'll want to factor in.

If you ensure that these are all taken into account, you can feel confident you'll be making a wise decision.

Your Planned Frequency of Use

First, you need to consider how often you plan to use this machine and how many people will be using it overall throughout the course of the week. This is important to consider because the more people that are using it, or the longer you use it on a day to day basis, the more horsepower you will require.

Those who are using machines with sufficient horsepower will find they keep up better without breaking down, while those who aren't using a high horsepower machine may find that it fails them during high volumes of training.

Cardio Machine Shopping

Your Preferred Mode

Next, also consider your mode of training. Do you prefer to walk, run, cycle, row, or use the elliptical trainer?

Clearly this is a top consideration as it will dictate the type of equipment you'll want to be purchasing. If you aren't sure, you should go to a local gym and test out a few machines. Each will work different muscles in the body and feel entirely different, so it's important to know your preferences ahead of time, otherwise you may not enjoy your cardio as much as you should.

Your Fitness Level

Also think about your fitness level. How intense will you be working? For example, if you're someone who is in very good shape and does running intervals at 10 miles an hour, you need to make sure that the machine you purchase has the capabilities to go this high—or higher so that you can progress onwards.

Likewise, if you are someone who enjoys uphill walking, it's important that any treadmill you consider has the capabilities to go on to the steep incline that you need.

You want to be able to progress over time, so make sure that your machine of choice can progress with you or you will be in the market for another in a few short months.

Your Timeframe for Use

Finally, also consider your timeframe for use. How long do you plan to use this machine? If you're someone who's been committed to fitness for quite some time and knows that you will be using the machine for a number of years to come, invest in a very well built one and make sure you get the warranty.

If you're regularly using the equipment at higher intensity levels, there is a good chance that it will break down at some point or another, and repairs can get very costly. If you have the warranty in place, however, this will be fully covered.

So there you have the main points to keep in mind as you select your cardio machine to help ensure you make a wise decision. Don't rush the decision, and make sure that you try out any cardio machines you're thinking of purchasing before you make your purchase.

Get a feel for them and ensure that you are comfortable on it and that it will be a great fit for you.