Best Treadmill Uses

Great Ways to Use Your Treadmill

As you get ready to start up on your workout program, choosing a good mode of cardio training will be important. The cardio choice that you do will influence not only how many calories you burn but what muscles you work and how much you enjoy that cardio session overall.

Treadmill training is an excellent choice as it will produce a very high level of calorie burn, especially as you get to the more intense levels, and it will also strengthen the bones, improve heart health tremendously, and train you for outdoor walking and running, which you can do anywhere you happen to be (such as if you're on vacation and don't have access to a gym).

There are a number of ways that you can make use of your treadmill to help further your progress along with your cardio session, so let's go over a few of these so that you can integrate your workouts in properly.

Interval Cardio Training

The very first method to use your treadmill is with interval cardio training. This is the most superior way to enhance your overall level of fat burning taking place, so it is the primary choice for those who have weight loss in mind.

Best Treadmill Uses

In addition to that, interval cardio training tends to increase your fitness level to a higher extent than all other forms of cardio training, so that too is very beneficial for those who are involved in competitive sports or who are just looking to push the boundaries on their overall training approach.

The treadmill works great for interval training since you can know precisely how long you've maintained that interval for and adjust the speed based on your progress.

This gives you a slight advantage over outdoor interval training where you can't establish just how fast you're going.

Steady State Training

Next, steady state cardio training is the next variety that you can perform. This type of cardio training is going to have you going at one pace for the entire duration of the session and is great for those who are hoping to maintain better endurance levels.

This form of cardio can be performed at very low intensities, such as just plain walking, or done at a moderate jog pace if you are in better shape.

Steady state cardio training is great for beginners as well as those who may be training for endurance-related events such as a half or full marathon.

Uphill Walking

Uphill walking is the next way in which you can use your treadmill as you go about your workout protocol. This is a great option for those who can't do running, as they find it too stressful on their joints, and who are still looking to boost the intensity upwards.

In addition to that, uphill walking tends to add a bit more resistance to the protocol, so it can work well as a complete leg strengthener as well.

Uphill walking is a great cardio alternative to running for anyone who just doesn't enjoy it as well. With uphill walking, you can get the same calorie burning benefits without the impact.

Recovery Cardio Training

Finally, you can also use your treadmill for recovery cardio training. This refers to doing a brief light walk after any weight lifting workout to clear away the lactic acid that's built up and help to lower your risk of developing post workout muscle soreness.

This can be a great way to finish off any lower body strength training session.

So keep these quick tips in mind regarding your cardio training and how to use a treadmill as you structure your workout program. A treadmill is a great tool to make use of and will provide numerous cardio benefits.