Best Fat Loss Cardio

Interval Training: Advanced Conditioning For Fat Loss

Wondering what the best fat loss cardio is to help you experience fast weight loss for women? You'll often come across a number of weight loss products out there that enforce slightly different cardio variations, so at times, it can be difficult to establish which is the superior method.

When it comes right down to it, however, there is one form of cardio that time and time again proves to be of utmost benefit for helping you reach your fat loss goals.

To get a variety of exercise, you might want to try interval training. If you are of the fitness level to start incorporating this into your plan, it's definitely going to be a wise move to help you move forward toward your goal.

Let's go over a few things to know and consider regarding interval training.

Best Fat Loss Cardio

What Interval Training Is

The very first thing that you need to come to understand is what interval training is. Interval training is where you are going to alternate between very intense bursts of exercise with less intense active rest periods.

For instance, you might work at a level of 8–9 on a scale of 1–10 for 30–60 seconds, and then work at a 3–4 intensity level for 60–120 seconds.

Generally you will want your rest intervals to be twice the length of your work intervals for best results, unless you are extremely fit and really looking to push the barrier. Then you can use a 1:1 ration—or even less to really challenge your body.

Also keep in mind that the shorter the interval is, the more intense it should be overall. While all interval training will contain intense intervals, if you're doing a 15 second interval, you should be giving 110%, while if you're doing a 60 second interval (which is the maximum length of interval recommended), it will be slightly lower in intensity so that you can last the full 60 seconds.

Once you have the interval duration in place, then you need to figure out how many intervals to be doing. Typically these workouts should last around 20 minutes or so, so calculate the total number of intervals based on that and your chosen interval length.

Adding Interval Training to Your Workout Properly

Now that you know what this form of cardio is, how do you go about integrating it into your weight loss programs?

What you must remember is that this form of cardio training is very intense and, as such, you can't do it too often during the week or you will quickly become overtrained. Start by adding it one to two times per week, in addition to any resistance training workouts you're doing.

If you aren't doing resistance training, then you can add it three or four times per week, but just make sure that you always have at least one day off for complete rest and recovery— preferably two.

This will help make absolutely sure that you are not going to verge into overtraining, which is far more likely with this cardio variation.

Key Points to Know Before Starting Interval Training

Finally, as you get ready to start doing interval training, remember to do a very good warm-up beforehand. This form of cardio, being that it is so intense, is going to place you at a higher risk of injuries if you aren't careful, so you need to make sure that your body is fully prepared going into each workout session.

So there you have the key facts to know about interval training. If you want to create a very effective fat burning workout, it is the form of training to consider.