Stationary Bikes

Using Stationary Bikes to Boost Cardio

In today's world, everyone is looking to find the best type of exercise for their needs and to meet their anticipated workout goals. One of the most common types of exercise routines is cardio because it is the one exercise that can get your heart pumping fast, shed off the pounds, and work your body hard. Many people find that they feel terrific after a good cardio workout. Stationary bikes are often used for this type of workout routine because of the convenience and effectiveness that they offer.

Benefits of the Stationary Bike

Exercise bikes were one of the most popular pieces of exercising equipment before all of the other high tech exercising gadgets. Stationary exercise bikes still prove to be very effective, and in some cases, even more effective than the more expensive pieces of cardio equipment that are available on the market. If you're not familiar with this type of exercise machine, the stationary bike is similar in mechanism as the regular outdoor bicycle. The only difference, really, is that when you use a stationary bike, you're going to stay in one place, allowing you to have better focus on the task at hand.

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Due to the mechanism of this type of exercise bike, they can be used in the comfort of your own home, offering you the ability to go for a bike ride and get your exercise anytime you want. With the advancements to these bikes over the past several years, it is now possible to choose from a variety of different features.

Many stationary bikes offer you the opportunity to attach your music device, and it will play the music while you ride to help keep you motivated. They also have the ability to track how many miles you have done on the bike, and you can set a timer on the bike to ensure you don't exercise over or under the amount of time you desire. Some of the more advanced stationary bikes have the ability to even take your pulse afterwards and see how effective your cardio workout was. The bike can also show you a screen that displays your biking pace and the amount of calories that are burned.

Factors to Consider

When you are deciding on the right bike for your cardio needs, there are a few different factors that you want to take into consideration to ensure you get the best piece of equipment for your needs. The first question you should ask yourself is if you'd like to have a bike that sits straight up or one that is recumbent. A recumbent style bike is one that rides slightly similar to being on a hill and a straight standing bike is like that of your typical bicycle.

You also want to decide if you'd like a small, manual bicycle, which doesn't have all of the extra gadgets, or if you'd like one that is programmable. The determining factors for these two different types is generally based on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the amount of space you have available for the unit. Regardless of your choice, one thing is for sure: no matter which type of stationary bike you choose, you're going to see the benefits pay off when you add it to your regular cardio exercise routine.

Final Thoughts

Stationary bikes are convenient, easy to use, and they increase health and wellness. Also, this form of exercise is kind to your joints, so there is no impact or stress. Good for the beginner or those who are overweight, stationary bikes work the glutes, calves, and quads, increasing muscle mass and improving tone.