Why Choose a Rowing Machine

When you are looking for an effective piece of cardio equipment to use for your exercise routine, you may want to learn more about rowing machines and the many different benefits that they offer. Many people often dismiss the idea of rowing machines for exercise because they are not aware of how they work or their ability to get your blood pumping. By learning more about this unique piece of equipment, you can determine if choosing a rower is the best choice for your fitness needs.

Benefits of Using Rowing Machines

A rowing machine allows you to use so many different muscle groups throughout your body, so you are able to quickly build up your heart rate and start burning off those excess calories. This increase in heart rate also improves the amount of oxygen that flows to your brain, speeds up your blood flow, and even helps improve your heart health.

Another benefit is flexibility. Rowers have something on them called resistance belts, and these devices allow you to determine the level of resistance required for beginners. By changing your level of resistance, you're able to work up the your desired heart rate at a speed you are comfortable with, and then change that speed as you begin to lower the level of resistance and decrease your heart rate. Many of these rowers come with an attachment that can be used to monitor your heart rate, which makes it easier to determine where you are at during your cardio exercise routine.


Rowing machines help to burn calories at a fast rate. When you use the rowing machine correctly, it is estimated that you burn about 600 to 700 calories per hour. This varies by 100 calories, depending on the speed of your exercise. Even with a slower speed, this is still a high amount of calories, which will help you shed those excess pounds much faster than other weight loss methods.

The motion of a rowing machine is low impact and natural, putting little stress on your joints. You are sitting low to the ground, so there is little risk of falls, as with other types of equipment. If back strain and lumbar pain are concerns of yours, the rower lets your legs do the work, so there is no pressure on the back.

Build Stamina, Improve Tone, and Build Muscle

Due to the mechanism of the rower, you're able to build up a high level of stamina during your exercise routine. Muscles throughout your body are going to get the exercise they need to get strong and provide you with the results you desire. While using a rower, you're not only improving the muscles in your abdomen and arms but you are also building muscles in your back and hands, which can be difficult to achieve with other pieces of exercise equipment.

While the rowing machine is great for your upper body, it is also very effective for your lower body as well. This machine builds muscles in all areas of your legs, especially the calves. When you choose to get a rower with a gliding seat, you're able to work the muscles in your buttocks, which is more effective with the gliding mechanism.

Final Thoughts

For those who have difficulty with other types of exercise machines for their workout, the rower is often the perfect solution. The reason why this is a great tool for those who experience pain during exercise is because the motion in which the rower is used is very natural. Your body naturally moves this way on a regular basis, so when you use the rower, you're not putting strain on any areas of your body. Instead, you are simply working them out to build muscle, while you get your heart pumping and blood flowing. The machine is also low to the ground, which is ideal for anyone who doesn't like the higher machines that may pose the risk of falling due to balance issues.