Ellipticals: A Holistic Approach to Fitness

When you are deciding on the best piece of exercise equipment for your cardio needs, you should consider an elliptical machine. There are many different discussions on the elliptical, and some people think this type of exercise device is much more effective than the treadmill because of the additional features it offers. While both of these devices are very effective in reaching your fitness goals, there are some benefits of the elliptical that people prefer when choosing the best device for their needs. By learning more about the elliptical, and the features that this piece of equipment offers, you can determine if the elliptical is the best choice for you.

Why Choose the Elliptical

One of the main reasons why people prefer the elliptical is because you're able to exercise the different areas of your arms while taking part in your cardio routine, unlike the treadmill. The elliptical has poles on it that look somewhat similar to those that are used when skiing, and you move them back and forth in opposite directions while you are walking or running on the machine. This type of additional movement helps you reach a high level of stamina much quicker than other methods, and it also allows you to increase your endurance.

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When you're walking on a treadmill, you're in constant forward motion, which is working many areas of your legs. However, this motion may not be working all of the areas where you need improvement. The elliptical has a feature that allows you to pedal backwards, which will work your calf and hamstring muscles much more than the treadmill. If building muscle in those areas is something you are looking to gain from your exercise routine, then the elliptical may very well be the best option for your fitness needs.

Low Impact and No Pressure

Those who have problem areas with their bodies may find it different to do some exercise routines, as it can cause pressure on these areas and make them very sore after their cardio machine workout. This is especially true in the knees, hips, and the back, and the pain that can be caused by the pressure from walking is one of the main reasons why people tend to put off their exercise. When using the elliptical, you're able to reduce and basically eliminate pressure on those areas, which will allow you to get the exercise you need without feeling the negative effects afterwards.

Elliptical exercise is considered to be low impact, so it doesn't cause a lot of strain on the muscles. Rather, it allows you to get your heart racing, the calories burning, and get in the cardio workout that you need. Due to the different ways in which this type of machine works, it's important that you learn how to properly use the elliptical before starting your cardio exercise. However, with the proper use of elliptical equipment, you'll see the results from your exercise routine start adding benefits to your health right away.

When using the elliptical, it's important to keep proper posture during your workout routine. The elliptical offers different features, such as heart rate monitoring and progress reports. These features allow you to see with your own eyes how well your exercise routine is going and the calories that you burn after you complete each exercise routine of your elliptical.

The Elliptical Advantage

  • It allows you to exert force while protecting your knees and hips from stress.
  • It works both the upper and lower body.
  • It is a great alternative to jogging.
  • It does not cause knee or back pain.
  • It doesn't worsen your arthritis symptoms.