Aerobic Steps

Burning Fat with Aerobic Steps

For those who are looking for an effective yet unique aerobic exercise routine, the use of aerobic steps can be exactly what you need! Certified aerobics instructors report that the use of aerobic steps will provide a great cardio workout, and steps offer benefits that other exercise routines cannot. The aerobic steps first came out in the 1980s, and since then, it has become a popular exercise trend for many. This type of routine can be used by people of all different shapes and sizes, as the steps can be adjusted for height and comfort.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is the kind of exercise that involves the use of an elevated platform called the "step." This type of aerobics became popular in the late '80s. The main purpose of step aerobics is to get you burning fat. This effective workout helps rid you of the body fat accumulated from taking in too many calories. As you do this exercise, you actively increase the amount of calories that your body burns. You can burn around 450 calories doing a 45 minute session of step aerobics.

Aerobic Steps

Did you ever notice that when you walk quickly up a flight of stairs you're able to get your heart pumping with little effort? As you walk up and down the steps, not only does your heart starts pumping at a faster rate but your blood flow is increased, oxygen levels go up, and your body starts to get into calorie burning mode. Aerobic steps are similar to the stairs within your home, except they are much shorter. This allows you to get the benefits offered by climbing a set of stairs but to a much higher degree. When you use aerobic steps, you're moving up and down at a fast rate, which puts your body into weigh loss mode very quickly. This exercise allows you to target the areas where you really want to shed the excess fat during your weight loss routine.

Burn Away Belly Fat

While doing this type of aerobic exercise, you're body starts burning calories in areas where the fat has accumulated. One of the main areas where people have trouble losing the extra weight is around the lower abdomen. While you are burning calories during this exercise routine, the unused fat in your body is going to quickly disappear, and you'll be able to tighten up those difficult areas quite easily. Aerobic steps also allow you to tone different areas of your body where you may be looking for improvement. The thighs and buttocks can be difficult areas to get in shape, but with regular use of aerobic steps, you'll quickly see your muscle mass improving in those areas, along with many others throughout your body.

Benefits of the Aerobic Step

Another wonderful benefit of using aerobic steps is the ability to not only burn calories but to burn them at a very fast rate. When you use aerobic steps for exercise, you're able to burn 450 calories in just 45 minutes. With other forms of exercise, it can take up to two hours or more to burn this amount of calories. Those who don't have the time to spend exercising for hours each day would benefit from using aerobic steps as part of their exercise routine.

The benefits of using aerobic steps do not end with the amount of weight you're able to loose or the muscle you will build. Rather, this type of exercise can help improve your heart health, enhance the energy you have throughout the day, and even help increase your mood by releasing endorphins in your brain during your exercise routine. Some people enjoy taking part in this type of exercise in a group setting, which is led by an aerobics instructor with certification. This allows you to master the technique while taking part in a group activity, which often makes exercising a lot more fun than when you are doing it alone.